Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wealthcare Program Complete

Well, the Wealthcare Program is now complete. I have posted each of the Workshops over the last four months - Gratitude Garland, Accounting Your Blessings, Miracle Soup, and Creative Manifestival. I have decided not to continue with this blog with other posts, but leave is strictly for the Wealthcare Program. I will leave these posts indefinitely so that you may follow the workshops at your own pace.

You may do the workshops in any order, although the order in which I posted them made the most sense to me. I do see them as progressively digging deeper into your own psyche in order to help you manifest your own desires, goals, and dreams.

Please enjoy these programs and I wish you well in your journey.

I have started a new blog to pursue my own dreams of creating art. It is called "Dreaming in Orange". I will be posting about the various interests in my life: knitting and spinning, creating collage, drawing, encaustic painting, and photos from my daily life and travels. It is my own way to visually explore things in my life.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Creative ManiFestival Day 30

As I searched for the best way to bring the course to a close, I knew that it was time to put activities and exercises aside for the last lesson, which would be on the subject of money. I knew that if I could get out of my own way, my own "teaching" voice would be able to step back and allow a greater teacher to come through.

For whatever reason, that voice came through as the voice of butterflies.

Please enjoy the PDF book, "Money-Morphosis: 10 Things Butterflies Can Teach Us About Money".

Also, take a look at a handy list of the 10 Steps.

Take time to use this process anytime you want to bring something, or more of something, into your life. These principles of manifestation are a fun and creative method in which to make significant changes in your life.

Material copyrighted by Marney Makridakis of Used with permission by license.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Creative ManiFestival Day 29

For the past 30 days, the Creative ManiFestival course has presented exercises, tools, and processes to tap into your right brain and make powerful shifts related to prosperity. We've focused on using the 10 Steps to manifest different things, and I hope it has become increasingly clear that these 10 Steps are appropriate for manifesting ANYTHING! Obviously, you may have to tweak some of the exercises, but this general progression of igniting a spiritual process with creative, imaginative exercises that build on one another modularly, WORKS.

For our final two days, I want to look at the specific topic of MONEY. Throughout the course, I've talked about abundance, prosperity, and right livelihood. Since this course is directly intended for creative people, we've covered specific issues that many creative people have in their relationship to abundance and prosperity.

Obviously, prosperity and the experience of wealth are about a LOT more than money. Yet, I did not think this course would be complete without addressing money directly, as it is something that many of us struggle with. So these two days will play with this topic and offer some tangible suggestions on how you may use the 10 Steps specifically for bringing more money into your life.


Remember Day One, when you had a cup of coffee with your creativity? I'd like to do something similar today.

Imagine that you are on a playground, having a play-date with Money. You and Money are playing on the see-saw, making mudpies in the sandbox, and pushing one another on the swings.

Imagine that you and Money take a break and lie down on a picnic blanket in the middle of the grass. You lie back and look at the clouds and talk about the different shapes that you see. Then begin to have a heart-to-heart with money...and record your answers in your journal.

If you like, you can alternate between your dominant hand ("your" voice) and non-dominant hand ("Money's" voice). If the hand-alternating gets too frustrating, drop it, and just write regularly, but see if you can change your pace or style a bit when you write from Money's voice. The idea is to bypass the left brain and get to heart of expression. You can write very quickly when you write for Money's. You can hold the pen in a fist. You can also do this at the computer by closing your eyes as you type when you are "taking dictation" from Money.

Ask Money these questions:

"How do you like living in my world?"

"What would you like to be different?"

"How can I help you?"

"How can you help me?"

"Who do you wish that I was more like?"

After you've written your answers, go back and compare these responses with the remarks made by "Creativity" in Day One of this course. You asked your Creativity and Money the very same questions. How are the answers alike, and different? What realizations come to mind when you study the answers?

If you'd like to connect further with Money, here are some more questions to ask:

"How can I improve our relationship?"

"What would you like to do for me, that I'm not letting you do?"

"What beliefs do you wish I would change?"

"What can I do to spend more time with you?"

"How can I attract more of you?"

"What do you wish I understood about you?"

"What do you wish you understood about me?"

Spend time with these questions and see what you can uncover. What have you learned about creativity during the past 28 days, that you can apply to money?

We'll pick up with some more exercises tomorrow. It is your final day of the course, but only the beginning of what is to come!

Material copyrighted by Marney Makridakis of Used with permission by license.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creative ManiFestival Day 28

Today we're going to complete our "closer look" at each of the 10 steps by presenting Steps 9 and 10. Then, with only two days left in the course, I'll be throwing some new ideas your way, and also help you formulate an action plan for the future. After all, the end of the course is really just the beginning!

STEP 9: Use creative exercises to explore blocks or resistances around the topic.

To drive an automatic car, we use a combination of the accelerator and brake pedals. To move forward, we need to take our foot off the brake pedal, and press down on the accelerator. Merely lifting up the brake pedal, without pushing the accelerator, will not get us far. And pushing the accelerator at the same time as the brake pedal won't either. It's the combination that does it.

If we extend this metaphor to the process of drawing prosperity into our lives, we can compare releasing the brake pedal to letting go of resistance, and compare pushing the accelerator pedal to moving forward with positive thoughts and actions.

In other words, merely taking positive steps and reframing our thoughts, actions, and beliefs won't get us moving very far, unless the resistances are dealt with.

Resistances are the internal blocks that keep us from fulfilling out desires. These are blocks in our beliefs or thought processes that keep us from being successful, happy, and fulfilled. Sometimes resistances manifest themselves as external blocks, and it may seem that the world is against us! However, more often than not, the external blocks are reflections from limiting beliefs that we are holding, ourselves.

Earlier in the course, you've already explored a few techniques that apply your creativity to the act of releasing resistance. In this case, the exercises were specifically centered around releasing clutter, using your creative supplies, and coming into an acceptance that you can and deserve to sell artwork.

Here are a few more ideas of ways you can use your creativity to tackle resistances:

a. Try a movement exercise where you perform a "pas de deux" with your resistance. Put on some music that seems to exemplify your relationship with your resistance. Use your body to portray each "character" - first yourself, and then your resistance. Allow your resistance to move through you in powerful, passionate ways. Then use your body to allow the resistance to surrender while you and your resistance become one and inhabit a single body as you dance together. After the exercise, write down and/or meditate upon any discoveries.

b. Create a simple movement ritual which you use to release resistance. For example, you could develop a ritual in which you literally "shake off" defeating thoughts by shaking your right arm, as if you were grandly shaking a tambourine.

Or you could stand with your feet apart and your arms out to your sides, so that your body is a 5-pointed "star", that acts as a shield from negative thinking. Play with your body to develop such a tool, and use it as often as possible to help you diminish resistance.

c. If you are battling with an "I can't..." that repeats over and over in your head, try this: take a large piece of paper or poster board and write down an "I can't..." statement. Then write four subsequent statements, using the same words in each blank, following the progression below.

As you write each statement, ILLUSTRATE it with collaged images, drawings, symbols, and/or icons. This is a progressive affirmation that enables YOU to take the power away from the resistance to remind you that YOU are in charge. By adding the illustrations as you go, you are allowing each different level of the progression to sink in more deeply than if you were simply writing them down.

- I can't __________
- If I really wanted to, I could _________.
- I could ___________.
- I can __________.
- I __________.

Here's an example:

- I can't earn any money as a writer.
- If I really wanted to, I could earn money as a writer.
- I could earn money as a writer.
- I can earn money as a writer.
- I earn money as a writer.

Remember, you would spend a good chunk of time illustrating each one of these statements.

You might want to try this exercise spread over a few days, rather than all at one sitting. This will allow each level to sink in more deeply, which enhances your chance for success in truly reaching the next level with your full belief.

d. Draw a portrait of resistance with your eyes closed, and don't lift up your pencil. Just let it go where it takes you. When you feel it is complete, open your eyes and examine the portrait. Make note of anything realizations you've had or things you've learned.

Then close your eyes and ask this question: "What is the best action I can take with this portrait?"

Allow yourself to be guided as to the action that you take that will be for your highest good. It could be that you are guided to burn the page, or paint it with bright colors and hang it up, or anything else that comes through to you. Whatever your first impulse is, do it.

STEP 10: Actively invoke in the release-create-share-receive cycle in a way that is related to what you want.

Earlier in the course, we participated in this cycle by morphing clutter into both gifts and products to be sold. Please remember that you can sell art in the "Art Adoption for Abundance" section of The Shoppes of Artella whenever you are ready. Do NOT worry if you have not done that exercise yet! This is ongoing, powerful work, and you have an open invitation to use this forum.

But there are many other ways that this cycle can be used, outside of releasing unused art supplies. I have found, over and over, that this four-step cycle is practically a guarantee for bringing a desire full circle.

On a practical level, it opens us up to highly creative thinking and problem-solving. Often, the main thing standing between us and our desires is that we are trapped in linear thinking, believing that there is only one "standard" way for our desire to come to us. Brainstorming to get ideas for this cycle automatically places the desire in the right brain, and allows all kinds of inspirations to come through.

On a spiritual level, I believe that invoking this cycle from a pure heart immediately opens us up to abundance. When we can experience as much joy from releasing, creating, and sharing as we do from receiving, we become magnets for the perfect opportunities, people, events, and things that will bring our desire to us. By holding pure intentions and opening ourselves to these key elements, we make it much easier for God/the Universe to take care of the details.

So, brainstorm about other ways that you can invoke this powerful cycle by writing down this question in large letters:

In what ways can I release-create-share-receive?

...and let yourself go wild with brainstorming ideas. Write down even the ones that seem far-fetched. Allow yourself to think beyond "physical" items, and look to ways that you can use this cycle to release, create, share, and receive, using your time, talents, and gifts.

Keep this list where you can see it often and reflect on the different ideas from time to time, trusting that when it is time for you to put one of the ideas into action, you will have all of the appropriate motivation and tools necessary.

Here are some questions to ask to help you get your brainstorming going:

- What do I want to get rid of, either tangibly or intangibly? Is there some way that I use the action of getting rid of this to start the cycle?

- What have I always had a hunch about making or doing? Does that idea inspire a way to use this cycle?

- What is something that someone I know really needs or wants, that I have to share? How can that be a part of this cycle?

- What do I really need or want? How I can use this cycle to come to that conclusion?

When Steps 1-9 have built a strong basis of clarity and creativity around your desire, this cycle puts the concepts into action. Once your foot is released from the brake, this cycle joyfully presses the accelerator pedal to bring you toward your dream.

Material copyrighted by Marney Makridakis of Used with permission by license.

Creative ManiFestival Day 27

We're looking at Steps #7 and #8 today.

STEP #7: Add a musical element: what song(s) truly express the essence of your desire?

This step is deceptively simple, but I urge you not to skip over it. As you know, the purpose of the exercises in Creative ManiFestival is to encourage you to use the full range of your creativity in manifesting. To move beyond meditation and "new age" techniques to truly invoke your creativity as your most important ingredient in manifesting what you desire.

If you are primarily an artist, or primarily a writer, it is important and effective to call on the other arts to bring you into the full nature of your creativity. While art and writing exist on paper, music "exists" in the air, so to speak (well, at least, non-visible waves of energy). It affects us on a different level. When lyrics are added to the experience, the experience of selecting and listening to music becomes all the more powerful.

Here are some specific exercises to try out when approaching this step:

a. Envision the process of manifesting your desire as a film, and select different musical pieces for the soundtrack. Select various pieces in different music genres to symbolize separate parts of the journey you are taking to bring your desire forth into reality.

b. Go to your CD/cassette collection and pick an album and song at random. (For CDs, you could say to yourself, "I'm picking the 5th CD in the stack on the left, track 6" before even approaching the stack.) Play the track and see if the music and/or lyrics bring a new layer of understanding or sensibility to your desire.

c. When you are listening to different pieces of music with this exercise, allow your body to move along with the music. This allows your entire being to absorb the new "knowledge" of the song.

d. Experiment with music genres that are new to you. In day 10, I mentioned as a place to start for free downloads of music. Another option is to search the download library at, at this link:

You can enter search terms in the Amazon search engine and find downloads that match specific search criteria.

Other downloadable music sources are:

STEP 8: Listen to the music in #8 while making two lists: "Mine to Do" and "Universe's/God's to Do"

The process of making these two lists is very, very important, and playing your chosen song(s) in the background allows you to open up to new levels of awareness about the items you are placing in each list.

Why create these two lists? Why the distinction?

One of the most important aspects of manifesting anything - ANYTHING - is the act of surrendering. When we try to control every little thing, we are pushing up against the natural flow of our life.

I think where people have trouble surrendering is in not fully accepting what I believe is the nature of life - learning to surrender means coming to full acceptance of the fact that the nature of life is ALWAYS to flow to our highest good.

The world is full of proof of this concept: our bones automatically heal when broken; scientific studies show that our energetic fields are constantly drawn toward things we want, and away from things we don't want; when any body of water is agitated, it immediately levels out to rest; and a sunflower seed spends it life naturally manifesting to fulfilling its DNA characteristics that are included in the seed from the very beginning.

Many of us can accept that "everything happens for a purpose", but finding ease in surrendering comes when we can believe that "everything is moving me toward my BEST purpose."

If we can accept that the world is always flowing in the direction of our highest good, it is a natural progression to get out of the way when we want something. We can voice our desire but then surrender control. And that is what a "list for God/the Universe" to do is all about.

Marianne Williamson says:

"When we surrender to God, we surrender to something bigger than ourselves - to a universe that knows what it's doing. When we stop trying to control events, they fall into a natural order, an order that works. We're at rest while a power much greater than our own takes over, and it does a much better job than we could have done. We learn to trust that the power that holds galaxies together can handle the circumstances of our relatively little lives."

Here are some creative variations on this exercise:

a. Create a vessel or container and place in it symbols of the things you are surrendering. Some people call this a "God Jar" or a "Creation Box". Give this container your OWN name...something that makes you smile. Decorate it artfully and make the process of adding items to it a joyous experience. If you want to write the items on slips of paper, include doodles! Or try writing a haiku poem about each element that you place in the box. Make this such a joyful activity that, from now on, when you think about something you want, your first thought is, "Ooh, I can't wait to put this in my Tremendous Treasure Chest!!"

b. Create an art journal about faith, including your own exploration of images and words that push the boundaries of your current beliefs to open your mind to new possibilities.

c. Write/draw your "Things for God/the Universe to Do" list on a long piece of butcher paper hung on the wall. Rejoice in adding more things.

d. Look at the things on the "Things for ME to do" list, and make a plan. Shifts occur more quickly when they are achieved BOTH in the internal and external worlds. Decide what you need to do, and make a plan for doing it. Use your creativity (draw, write, dance) to express your relationship as co-creator with the divine force working along with you.

e. Keep track of your two lists, so that you can observe how many things are being accomplished, by both you AND the Universe!
Material copyrighted by Marney Makridakis of Used with permission by license.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Creative ManiFestival Day 26

Today we are looking at steps 5 and 6. We'll start with Step 5.

STEP 5...Rewrite the entry for #4, replacing the circumstances with facts and details from your present life, but maintaining the essences.

This step is a wonderful challenge for your imagination. Throughout the course, you've learned various ways to use your creativity to express your vision of what your experience will be when your desire has come to pass. Step 4 invited you to create a very detailed picture of what this will look like, with a focus on the essences. You may want to review Days 9, 22, and 25 for ideas to prompt this exploration.

The idea is to create a DESIRE STORY via any artistic expression (through art, writing, dance, or a combination) that captures this desire and makes it real for you.

Once this picture is in place, it's just a matter of switching the details of the story with details of your own life.

For example, let's say that your desire story includes something like the following:

I walked into the dressing room, filled with anticipation for what was to come. I knew that any minute, I'd be meeting Oprah, and even though I was excited, I also felt a certain calmness, knowing it was exactly where I needed to be at the moment, and that I was here because of my hard work, faith, and trust. I knew I had something important to share, and that somewhere out there were viewers who really needed me. What a lovely feeling. I poured a glass of the sweet tea that had been left for me and felt instantly refreshed. I drank a toast to myself, with thanks for my gifts, for Oprah, the viewers, and for God’s blessings.

Now, while it may seem like a tough bill to fill, the trick is to keep the basic essences the same, but change the details with information in your own life. Here's an example of what could be done with the above paragraph:

I walked into my office, filled with anticipation for what was to come. I knew that any minute, I'd begin the first chapter of my book, and even though I was excited, I also felt a certain calmness, knowing it was exactly where I needed to be at the moment, and that I was ready to start this chapter because of my hard work, faith, and trust. I knew I had something important to share, and that somewhere out there, there were readers who really needed me. What a lovely feeling. I decided to go to the kitchen before entering, and make myself a glass of tea so that I could nourish my body and appropriately toast this occasion. I drank a toast to myself, with thanks for my gifts, for the new day, my future readers, and for God's blessings.

All that I did was change the details of the surroundings and occasion. The rest remained intact.

The example above shows the DESIRE STORY and the re-write in written form, but you could also express both of these exercises in the following ways:

- An expressive dance or movement exercise that depicts both the DESIRE STORY and then your "re-write"

- Two collages or other works of art; one for the DESIRE STORY and one for the rewrite

- Two poems or pieces of abstract writing

- Any other creative expression that you can come up with

If you're having a tough time, here are some hints for working with your DESIRE STORY in this way:

a. The "re-write" doesn't necessarily have to do with your creative passions, goals, or desires. It can do with anything in your life. For example, the above paragraph could also have been re-written to talk about the excitement of meeting a dear friend, spending some time gardening, or the anticipation of starting a new book, reflecting a desire to spend more down-time doing things you enjoy.

b. If you're stuck on where to start, just pick a room in your home. Any room: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, studio, office, backyard. Visualize the room, and figure out what you could be doing in the room that would be relatable to the feelings and essences described in the DESIRE STORY.

c. If the re-write seems completely impossible...just suspend your disbelief, for the sake of the exercise. There will be more instruction along these lines when we discuss Step 6, below.

d. If the re-write isn't coming, try a different medium. For example, if you wrote your DESIRE STORY, try creating a piece of art to reflect the re-write.

The purpose of this exercise is two-fold. First, it helps us realize that we are closer to our desires than we think! Second, it serves as a bridge to the next step, which is to create a plan for tangibly putting these essences into action, making a conscious effort to bring them into our lives.

STEP 6...Use the rewrite to determine ways you can achieve these essences related to your desire in your PRESENT life.

In yesterday's lesson, we looked at the BE-DO-HAVE paradigm as a powerful way to ignite your manifesting abilities. In addition to helping you become a more powerful magnet for what you desire, focusing on the BE first makes life a lot more enjoyable, too!

Step 6 involves taking a look at Step 5 and making a conscious plan to bring more of those core essences into your life on a daily basis.

The first step is to brainstorm on the ways that you can bring these essences to your life.

Taking the paragraph we've already used as an example, here are some things that could be on that brainstorming list:

- Start each writing session with a cup of tea, to remind me to drink a toast to life and creativity

- Create a collage to remind me of this scenario and tape it to the top of my computer

- Create a mental picture of a reader who will be really inspired by my book, and tap into that reader before I begin writing

- Create a reward system for myself to reward myself for each successful writing session

- Put a picture of Oprah on my computer monitor

- Play a recording of the theme to "Rocky" to kick-start my writing sessions

Really let your imagination fly as you brainstorm your list of things that you could do to actively bring these essences to your life. No idea is "stupid" or "silly". My golden rule in brainstorming is that each idea leads to the every idea comes up for a reason.

When you are done, pick three to five things on your list that will serve as your ESSENCE INTENTIONS for seven days.

Ideally, these will be small actions that you can take on a daily basis to positively infiltrate your life with these core essences. However, if you want to include some actions of larger scope (say, things you can only do once a week, rather than daily), that's fine. Trust your guidance to help you know what to choose.

If you'd like synchronicity to decide, cut your list into slips of paper and choose a few of them at random. Or number each one and roll dice to determine which ones you'll try first.

However you select your three to five items, write them down in the Intention Log that you may download HERE. Then try this for one week: at the end of each day, put a check mark on the Intentions that you were able to fulfill. The Log also gives you some space for notes or remarks through the week.

The goal isn't to be "perfect" is simply to make you more mindful of your process of spicing up your life with your core essences. If this method works for you, keep it up after this course is complete. If not, release it, but take notice of any shifts that occurred while you were focusing on bringing more of these essences into your life.

Some creative variations on the Intention Log include:

a. Instead of check-marks, add drawings, doodles, stickers, or cut-out images when you "check off" your intentions each day.

b. Create an exciting border around the Intention Log, with images and words related to your core essences. Or create a collage on the back.

c. Create a larger-than-life Intention Log where you have plenty of space to write and create art, in addition to checking off your successful intentions. Consider hanging large poster boards or butcher paper on a wall, and creating an Intention Mural in this way.

As with all of these steps, the purpose is to move the "learning" from your left brain to your right brain. It's time to go beyond simply understanding concepts…and move to living them in the deepest cells and soul of your being. As we discussed earlier in the course, your creativity is your VERY BEST manifestation tool.
Don't be afraid to make it work!

Material copyrighted by Marney Makridakis of Used with permission by license.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Creative ManiFestival Day 25

Continuing along with some further discussion about each of the 10 steps, we'll start with Step 3.

STEP #3......Record any and all reasons why you think you CAN'T have it, and then engage in a creative exercise to transform those very words into answers as to why you CAN have this.

There are generally two types of people -- people who see why things will work, and people who can clearly see why things will not work. Both personalities are very useful when it comes to making decisions. The approach addressed in this step works for BOTH types.

If you are person who can see the solution in any problem, it will be very easy for you to turn around the challenges that have been facing you. Furthermore, doing so will give you confidence and fuel your momentum, because you know this is your strength.

If, however, you are a person who can always find the problem with a given situation, this exercise is equally effective, because it puts you in the role of being a "devil's advocate". For many people, NOTHING gets the creativity rolling more than using the mind and imagination to point out flaws, hardships, and inconsistencies in a plan.

By using your creativity to fight against the reasons a desire can't happen, you can tap into that fiesty little part of you, and also send powerful messages to the Universe as to why you are readyand open for miracles to take place.

Like each of the steps, the Creative ManiFestival course encourages approaching this step from a creative, rather than a logical point of view. You've already carried out this concept in two ways. Youwrote a poem based on an upside-down view of your "can't" list, and you also rewrote a screenplay scene in which you literally played attorney to represent the cause of the CAN.

Here are some other ways to use your creativity to turn the CAN'Ts into CANs:

a. Draw or paint while thinking about all the reasons your desire can't come to pass. Just allow yourself to create abstractly and see where the lines, spaces, and shapes take you as your examine your desire for a closed, defeatist place. Then, literally rip the painting up into small pieces and then collage them back together while thinking about all the reasons your desire CAN come to fruition!

b. Do this exercise with an artist friend: each of you create a piece of artwork while thinking about all the stumbling blocks and mis-beliefs associated with NOT being able to achieve your dream. Then switch with one another, and re-create your friend's artwork to exemplify all the reasons it CAN happen for her (and, of course, she will do the same for you!)

c. You also can do the same "switching" technique with a friend using a piece of writing. Start by expressing the reasons why something can't happen, using poetry, essay, or script format. Then have your friend rewrite your piece showing why it IS possible!

d. HINT: when you do these types of exercises, look for *evidence* on what your dream can come true. What in the past has shown you that your dream is possible? Who else has tried this and succeeded? In what ways has the Universe made incredible connections for you in the past? Create a file folder of "evidence" on hand, so that when you engage in these types of "creative debates" between the CANs and CAN'Ts, you have a lot of evidence on hand to call upon.

STEP #4: Tap into the ESSENCES behind why you want this desire by writing about it with great focus on how you experience these essences.

Getting down to the ESSENCES of why you want something is SO effective. It sends clear signals to the Universe of what you want, and it helps you channel your desire into actions and feelings that will help you attract more of it in your life.

In other words, if you can clue into exactly WHY you want a desire, you can start implementing more of THAT into your life. If you want a new car because of the freedom it will give you, figure out other ways to ignite a sense of freedom into your life. Like attracts like -- so doing so will bring more freedom into your sphere in inward and material ways.

In the book "Conversations with God", Neale Donald Walsch explains this point so well that I will include an excerpt from the book, here:

"Most people believe if they "have" a thing (more time, money, love -- whatever), then they can finally "do" a thing (write a book, take up a hobby, go on vacation, buy a home, undertake a relationship), which will allow them to "be" a thing (happy, peaceful, content, or in love). In actuality, they are reversing the Be-Do-Have paradigm. In the universe as it really is (as opposed to how you think it is), "havingness" does not produce "beingness," but the other way around.

First you "be" the thing called "happy" (or "knowing," or "wise," or "compassionate," or whatever), then you start "doing" things from this place of beingness -- and soon you discover that what you are doing winds up bringing you the things you've always wanted to "have."

The way to set this creative process (and that's what this is...the process of creation) into motion is to look at what it is you want to "have," ask yourself what you think you would "be" if you "had" that, then go right straight to being.

In this way you reverse the way you've been using the Be-Do-Have paradigm -- in actuality, set it right -- and work with, rather than against, the creative power of the universe.

Here is a short way of stating this principle:

In life, you do not have to do anything. It's all a question of what you are illustrate this, think of a person who just knows that if he could only have a little more time, a little more money, or a little more love, he'd be truly happy.

He does not get the connection between his "not being very happy" right now and his not having the time, money, or love he wants. On the other hand, the person who is "being" happy seems to have time to do everything that's really important, all the money that's needed, and enough love to last a lifetime."

Step #5 goes into greater detail about how to USE the essences, but it is very important to understand why it is necessary to dig until you find the essences.

We've already used writing as a vehicle for finding the essences...creating a scene in which your desire has come true that includes so many details, that the essences are apparent.

Here are some more ideas:

a. The question "why" does a great deal to help you get to the bottom of essences. Ask yourself, "Why do I want ____?" and then keep asking why, and why again, until you get to what feels like the CORE ESSENCE. Then create a piece of art that expresses that CORE ESSENCE.

b. Write a dialogue between the CORE ESSENCE and yourself. What is it trying to tell you? What do you need from it and what does it need from you? If you like, try switching between your dominant and non-dominant hands to have this conversation. Allow your essence to use your non-dominant hand, and your own voice to use your dominant. Lots of interesting stuff can be uncovered in this way.

c. Try another dialogue: write a conversation between your CORE ESSENCE and your CORE VALUES. Don't think too much about this -- just try it and see what happens!

d. Keep breaking the essences down until you have a single word, and create colorful posters with the word and illustrations to reflect the word.

e. Use index or playing cards to create a deck of cards, each one artfully depicting a difference essence that corresponds to WHY you want a particular desire to come true.

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