Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wealthcare Program Complete

Well, the Wealthcare Program is now complete. I have posted each of the Workshops over the last four months - Gratitude Garland, Accounting Your Blessings, Miracle Soup, and Creative Manifestival. I have decided not to continue with this blog with other posts, but leave is strictly for the Wealthcare Program. I will leave these posts indefinitely so that you may follow the workshops at your own pace.

You may do the workshops in any order, although the order in which I posted them made the most sense to me. I do see them as progressively digging deeper into your own psyche in order to help you manifest your own desires, goals, and dreams.

Please enjoy these programs and I wish you well in your journey.

I have started a new blog to pursue my own dreams of creating art. It is called "Dreaming in Orange". I will be posting about the various interests in my life: knitting and spinning, creating collage, drawing, encaustic painting, and photos from my daily life and travels. It is my own way to visually explore things in my life.


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